Plan Your Wedding. Design Your about what happens after the wedding...Each story in this series will features one special couple who have inspired me to think a little differently, about how to get married, how to begin a life together, and how to create a sustainable world. In short, each couple will share their own unique take on how to plan a wedding. Read more →

For my wedding, each guest recieved a poem. I've always loved poetry;¬† Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens¬† and Tennyson are my favorites. When I happened upon the site, Daily Poetics, of course I had to share it with you...and don't forget the poetry, we need it... Read more →

Classic Bride has recently launched a new web site. CB Vintage is a wedding and event resource with a well-edited selection of vintage items, including the cake topper above. I appreciate the focused approach to the product offerings because it shows she really knows a good thing when she sees... Read more →