About Emily

Emily Anderson is a creative consultant and content strategist. She is the former marketing director for Donna Karan New York and Vanity Fair Magazine, where she worked with accounts including Land Rover, American Express, Telluride Film Festival and produced more than 100 consumer events and promotional campaigns. Emily later joined... Read more →

I don't even know where to begin. I moved. There, I said it. After a twenty-year relationship, I abandoned my beloved New York City. I've been house-hunting for years, so not looking for a house is my new favorite pastime. Where we landed is in (or is it on?) the... Read more →

I'm the author of the sustainable living books, Eco Chic Home and Eco Chic Weddings, and Good with Style is where I write about things I love. As a yoga teacher, I'm passionate about mindfulness and healthy living. I try to incorporate it into all aspects of my life, especially... Read more →