Where to Find Lighting for Your Home


We've all done it. You know, that stupid thing we did when we were young wild and free...meet someone you barely know and then make-out with them in front of a large group of strangers. Oh, you never did that? Oh, nevermind then.

Now that we're older and wiser, would you ever just go home with someone you literally just met five seconds ago? Probably not. So why do you take brands home wihen you have have no idea where they've been, what they've been up to, and who they've been doing it with? If you hold off on any declarations of love with a person until you know a little bit more about them, why not with products? We share the most intimate, most important aspects of our lives with brands. We put their products everywhere--everywhere. And you don't even know them.

I don't know why but I've always been a  questioner--I can't buy anything without thinking about the origin, the materials, and the end life of it (aka cradle to cradle). I must know. I actually think we're all like this when we're young, but then society kind of encourages us to stop asking so many questions Emily! Sorry, I just had a flashback.

Anyway, Ifor a long time 've been trying to find awesome brands that I want to bring home with me that also have answers to my questions (basically, the perfect relationship). To my great relief, the brand-iverse has answered me with tons and tons and tons of chic brands and companies that are getting with the good program. These companies are willing to share information about their business ethics, they are treating us like important people instead of sheep and I say baah, I mean, Bravo...and...Encore!

cerno on goodwithstyle.comCerno lighting design presents an open and honest brand with their wonderfully designed lighting. They keep it simple--everything is manufactured in the U.S. and all of their lighting is LED.

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