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kids artwork on the wall

Artists In Residence: Elevating Your Children's Art

My mother framed this painting by four year old me. For as long as I can remember, it hung in our living room. My dad told me once that a guest thought it was a piece of modern art. I remember feeling very proud when I heard that story. 

I found this "primitive art" at a house sale a few years ago.

art hanging on a wall
My children's art shows up everywhere in my home. The unframed painting was done by my mom. I guess she went through her own arty phase. When I walk into my bedroom, I see the painting and it makes me happy.

  kids artwork on the wall

paper lanterns hanging in a kids room
Above the my kid's bookshelf hangs a collection of embroidery pieces my brother brought me from Mexico.
  framed babar lithograph

This is an original lithograph by Jean de Brunhoff creator of the Babar books which we found at a flea market.

 *All images are from our old apartment in NYC, but they are all finding a place to hang in our new home too.

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