9 Steps to A Better Yoga Practice

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How can it possibly be the end of June already? I'm still stuck in February. Sometimes I wish I could just stop time super hero style, just a couple of hours to myself while the rest of the world waits for me to catch-up. Yoga is always my go to place when I feel overwhelmed. Here's what I do 1. Stop. Right. There. Don't move another inch.

2. Let your arms drop to your sides, move them only with the gentle motion of your body, like you have a hula hoop around your waist.

3. Bring your shoulders down, head up with chin slightly down.

4. Release the tension in your neck tendons.

5. Chest should be forward and your back straight.

6. Tuck your bum slightly under, imagine your pelvis rotating down and under.

7. Now put one hand on your belly, take a deep breath in, feel your ribs expand as they make room for your lungs.

8. Exhale and feel your body retract.

9. Now repeat several more times. Try it. I promise it will make you feel like you're a part of the flow instead of a piece of driftwood being tossed around in the waves. For more Yoga flow visit Yoga Journal.

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