How to Be a Confident Writer


Sometimes I wonder if it's just me. Everyone else seems to have it all figured out. How to balance parenthood and a career. Maybe I watch too much tv. Maybe instead of indulging in guilty pleasures like Real Housewives of Whatever, I should be sitting at my computer writing. Or perhaps my time should be spent networking rather than holding my sleeping baby for her entire hour long nap--while watching tv.

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I've talked about and thought about my insecurity as a writer. Wasting way too many brain cells wondering if the only reason anyone asked me to write books was because I'd marketed the ideas so well. I used to be obsessive. I had a little trouble letting go of things. I worked on it, and by that I mean I spent many hours in therapy. Now I have the opposite problem--I can't get hooked in my career. I am like a tire that's just a little low on air--it still works, but you definitely feel a slight lag. So let's hear it-- what's your secret? How do you manage to have a personal life and a personal passion? Now taking any and all suggestions. I just need a little air because I'm pretty sure I don't have a spare in the trunk.

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People who fit "The Good Consumer" profile wear TOMs and go to St. Barth's.They buy organic, use paraben free beauty products, and use no-VOC paint on their walls. But only if it comes in the colors they want. They keep their ears to the ground for new information about products and brands because "The Good Consumer" is also an information junky. Increasingly they're looking for the good factor for pretty much everything they spend money on. They want to know the truth behind the label, and brands should really be watching this person.