How to Pick a Wedding Cake


I love this beauteous cake from Fall 07 MS Weddings, designed by Wendy Kromer...and did you know that if you go to Wendy's site, you can order a Cake Kit, replete with the sweet decorations to make your cake as pretty as a picture...So, now you can find a local baker who is willing to create an organic wedding cake for your special day. Some local bakers I came across: Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes in Santa Cruz,  Michele Coulon Dessertier in La Jolla, California, Hippie Chick Bakery in New Hampshire.

This post is a part of a series entitled Eco Chic Weddings//Revisited which expands upon different wedding planning ideas within each chapter of my book, Eco Chic Weddings (Publisher: Hatherleigh Press//Random House, 2007).


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