How to Find Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Eco Chic Flowers

Almost six years have passed since my book, "Eco Chic Weddings," was published. During that time, the wedding industry continues to have some very profound issues , such Oasis aka toxic floral foam. Ugh, it's so gross. I know that it's an important part of the design process for many floral designers, but it really must go. Before it was invented in the 1950's, florists used clay, chicken wire, newspaper, cedar chips, metal frogs. I know that some very smart people are trying to find an eco-friendly alternative to the floral foam, but first I think everyone needs to know just how bad it is for you and for the environment. It contains known carcinogens, is hazardous when breathed in, it is petroleum based, and contains toxic ingredients linked to cancer. Yuck, right? So when you ask for certain designs, think about choosing something that can exist without the horrid floral foam.

Here's more to read...

Gorgeous and Green has an excellent write-up and links for industry information.

Dandelion Ranch is a west coast floral designer with a natural approach to arrangements, plus I hear through the grapevine that the owner is working on a non-toxic alternative to floral foam...

Fleurs Bella is owned and operated by Bella Meyer in New York City.

Photo by Emily Anderson. All rights reserved. Thank you.


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