Decorating How to: Replace Your Sofa Legs

goodwithstyle_Decorating_How_to_Replace_Sofa_Legs Pottery Barn has been my default-go-to for home furnishings at various times in my life (what a surprise). Such was the case when purchasing a new sofa six years ago. It just seemed like the easiest thing to do (translate=I am lazy). Now, knowing more, I would have done things differently. For one--I prefer upholstered furniture so much more than slip-covered. Also, I would have chosen a different fill for the couch pillows. As it is, the down just isn't my thang. For one, I'm not patient enough for the constant fluffing, and also--have you ever noticed that the feathers poke through and prick you? It's like the goose is getting back at you posthumously or something. I also made a teensie mistake by letting my kids jump on the couch--it's a bit saggy in the middle. Not unlike my own middle. My point is--I'm looking to remake the sad overused wretch that is my sofa. First step--replace the couch legs. Of course, I want to use legs made from Sustainable Wood. I happily discovered BingLtd--an online shopping, bricks and mortar home furnishings business. Now, if I can just get my husband to turn the sofa over so I can check out those legs. The next step: Replace the cushions and upholster (rookie style) the couch. Good luck with that, right? I do have a simple (really!) how-to upholster project in my Eco Chic Home book. I'll keep you updated on this little home decorating project as it progresses. *Photo: Atwood Sectional. $3199. 92"L x 65"W x 27"H. Available in Cabana Hemp (as shown) or Urban Tweed Ink. FSC-Certified Wood Frame. Available at Area 51 Furniture Store, Seattle. More about the different types of sofa legs:
Hanger Bolt Mount Sofa Legs This is the most common style of sofa legs in the United States and many other parts of the world. These legs can be identified by the pre-installed bolt in the leg, which has close threads. To install or remove this leg, you would usually turn it by hand, similar to turning a door knob. Hanger Bolt sofa legs require a 5/16" Diameter T-Nut, T-Plate, or some other threaded insert to be installed into the couch where the sofa leg will be attached. Hanger Bolt Sofa Legs
Screw Mount Sofa Legs These legs are considered the "Universal" leg, because they will work in almost any situation. These legs have holes drilled through them, and are attached by putting a regular wood screw through the hole and into the frame of the couch. Because they screw directly into the wood, no additional mounting hardware is needed. Installing or removing this style of leg usually requires the use of a screwdriver.Wood Screws for Mounting Sofa Legs Screw Mount Sofa Legs
Metric Sofa Legs These sofa legs feature a bolt which has Metric threads, with M8 or M10 legs being the most common. These legs are mostly seen in European furniture. While they may look similar to Hanger Bolt legs, they are slightly different, and the two are not interchangeable.If you currently have Metric legs and want standard 5/16" Hanger Bolt legs, you can easily replace the T-Nuts or T-Plates on your couch. Metric Sofa Legs
Dowel Mount Sofa Legs Used by many manufacturers for its simplicity. Mounting methods will vary from one project to the next, since these legs are usually used by manufacturers, carpenters, or to replace an existing leg of a similar style. Dowel Mount Sofa Legs
OEM Sofa Legs Used by some designers and manufacturers for specific projects. Mounting methods will vary from one project to the next, since these legs tend to be used for unique purposes. OEM Sofa Legs
Mounting Hardware     T-Plate Sofa Leg Attachment Plates T-Nuts for Attaching Sofa Legs
via Sofa Leg Warehouse  
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