Take Back Your Wedding



 Reality check. A lot of people in the wedding biz (for the most part) still don't get it. The messages are the same--here's this beautiful image/ idea/ product/ venue/ whatever...that you can't afford. That was created by the stylist on the shoot that took place in the forest in the state that you don't live in. But isn't it pretty? Not helpful if you've got a budget and a time-line to plan your wedding and get on with your life. This is just one of the ways the wedding planning process becomes your own personal torture chamber. I am convinced that there are about two brides out there who are "totally crazy about all things wedding and have been dreaming about this moment since they were a little girl." Maybe more than two, but the majority of women and men getting married are more interested in getting on with their lives, moving their stuff, combining households, maybe changing names, and whatever else is on the list. Seriously, this is the market. But yet--these are the people who feel the most left out of the process. So if anyone out there is listening, hello! I'm still here. And I still want to help. Even though I am not, have never been, probably never will be totally crazy about weddings. I just think you can have a beautiful wedding, life, and world--all at the same time. Consider this your one stop shop for all things good with style. More exiting changes on the way so get set, get ready, let's go!


Photo Source: Bonzie, purveyor of bespoke wedding gowns. I suggest you check her out.

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