Dreamy Home Style You Can Make Your Own

Instead of dreaming about future-fabulous homes in some idyllic locale, let's just stay in reality for a spell, okay? I am showing you an incredible transformation of a modern high-rise apartment by Dallas design firm Cashon and Company.. It didn't take much, just a few key elements, to turn the sterile apartment into a wonderfully warm, refined, and personal space.


The colors were kept to a muted palette, greys and gold accents were added and I think the final color story is supreme. The traditional pieces exemplify a nice way to use antiques and and thrift store finds--my favorite money-saving and innately ethical way to buy new-to-you furniture. Now, look at your space, would any of the details in these rooms work for you? I know one thing I'm trying for--the use of gold frames. I pick them up whenever I'm at a thrift store and put everything from my kid's art to keepsakes. It really doesn't even matter if the glass is still there--it still looks lovely on the wall. Also notice the white painted funiture--definitely a great way to cover the scratches from well-worn pieces. In-keeping with the gold theme, that star table just pulls everything together, don't you agree?
All photographs: Great Traditional Style
Meredith Books 2006
via http://cashonandcompany.blogspot.com