Hello! I'm Emily Anderson


I'm the author of the sustainable living books, Eco Chic Home and Eco Chic Weddings, and Good with Style is where I write about things I love. As a yoga teacher, I'm passionate about mindfulness and healthy living. I try to incorporate it into all aspects of my life, especially when it comes to my children and our home. I spent twenty years living in New York City where I worked for Donna Karan and Vanity Fair Magazine. I also worked for Martha Stewart where I learned a lot about how to create a beautiful home for the people you love.

When I'm not writing about creating a mindful + stylish life for myself and my family, I'm a brand consultant for companies interested in knowing how making a positive social impact is a smart way to engage passionate consumers like you and me. I show them how being honest and having integrity is the first step toward building a powerful and resilient brand. You can learn more about that here www.emilyanderson.com

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Anne-geddes-baby-photo-purple-flowers-hydrangeas....and now we have a baby carriage. My husband and I welcomed our first baby, Sydney Lucille, in March. And now, with my new little flower by my side, we'll be adding fresh, eco-chic ideas everyday.

(Anne Geddes image)