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All About The WestEdge Design Fair

Sustainable Furniture WestEdge Disign Fair As a New York based design writer, I've clocked plenty of miles walking the floors of the Architectural Digest Home Show, ICFF, not to mention at the New York Design Center. This month, I have the great fortune of joining the #BlogTourLA, which is the brainchild of Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus. The highlight of the trip is the WestEdge Design Fair. The fair will run from October 3, 4, 5, 6 in The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA. WestEdge Design Fair is produced by design show veterans Megan Reilly and Troy Hanson, former producers for the aforementioned Architectural Digest Home Show as well as Chicago's NeoCon. The show will also support Heal The Bay. What I've read about the show is super-cool. According to them, they've "specifically targeted exhibitors that are creating unique, meticulously handcrafted, modern designs in limited production and smaller editions. Collections from a majority of our exhibitors are modern, clean, organic, and for the most part, made via a sustainable manufacturing processes." WestEdge, you had me at Sustainable Manufacturing Processes. Seriously, I've spent years trying to discover the back end of how design brands make their stuff. It's not always easy. More times than not, I'm rebuffed by brands who are reluctant to share their manufacturing backstory. Listen, I get it. Companies have to be proprietary about their brand assets since we live in such a knock-off culture. But I can't write about something if I don't know about the origins, which is precisely why I'm so excited about WestEdge. It means I'll have a treasure trove of designs I can write about for you guys. A few notable West Coast exhibitors I can't wait to meet are: J.Rusten Furniture Studio (San Fancisco)  (As seen in photo) Zia Priven (LA) SemiHandmade (LA) Phase Design (LA) Egg Collective (LA) And so many more! I'm also pleased to meet the #BlogTourLA people. I am compiling a list on Twitter so you can be sure to follow them too...@goodwithstyle Until later, see you at the beach. xoea