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D-House Urban Sandwich Renovates An Aging Polish Home With A Sky Garden Oasis

D-House-zalewski1 urban rooftop garden

My husband never sees a house he likes and I am the opposite. My imagination can yield great ideas, but it can also gets in the way of realistic goals. For example, I see a house on a busy street, I think "let's just plant hedgerows (like this rehabbed home in Poland)." Old kitchen? Refaced cabinets, open shelving--there are so many ways to remake something to your liking. But beware the looming trap of a money pit house--those things that just can't be styled/designed away, like persistant water problems. I'm getting better at spotting the houses with "good bones" and avoiding the sad sack houses that maybe never should have been built in the first place. Let's be honest--some things just can't be fixed.

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Poland’s Zalewski Architecture Group took on the challenge of designing a modern renovation for a 1930s-era urban house, and gave it a striking, green sustainable update. Located in the dense city of Zabrze, D House—Urban Sandwich, is a single family home that provides in its upward expansion a more intimate space for the family to live. The top of the new design is capped with a lush green oasis, a terrace hidden by thick foliage that grows two story’s above ground level.