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Hotel Lautner Keeps It Haute In The Desert

Artistic Rooms at the Kips Bay Show House


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Last week was full of goodtimes. Starting off with Kravet's 2013 Blogfest event at the Hearst Tower in midtown Manhattan. We had a VIP viewing of the always fabulous Kips Bay Show House on the Upper East Side. I definitely need to go back to the house--I didn't have nearly enough time to linger and explore. Tickets are $35 and the house is open until June 4th. Go here for more info.

There will be more information regarding the Blogfest event as soon as I get my thoughts together. In the meantime you can see lots of photos from other attendees on Instagram with the hashtags #Blogfest2013.

I am also waiting patiently while my littlest one begins to use her feet for something besides tiny little tidbits that go in her mouth. Walking, I mean. She's taking her time which is fine. Crawling or walking, she's still a daily delight.