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La Lapin Triste French Home Inspiration

  la lapin paper dolls french design inspiration Before I sign-off for the day, I'll share these two red hot Valentine's Day items: The red pillbox hat..heart-shaped of course, by La Petite Menagerie, adorable. And then there's the Queen Of Hearts paper doll, which frankly has left me speechless. Wait until you see La Lapin Triste's (Francophile much?) other dolls--she has Sylvia Plath (with oven and all) version. Brilliant. But back to happier things. I'm sending you all love whatever your plans may be, and feeling incredibly thankful for the many new ways we have to connect, share, and spread the love all across the world.






Sustainable Interior Design With Bamboo

sustainable interior design using bamboo
As an eco-friendly wood alternative, bamboo is a probably the most popular option on the market. But, there are some downsides to bamboo that we need to bear in mind.

The Good:

--Bamboo grows very fast--in some cases up to 2 to 4 feet a day! It can yield p to 20 times more timber than other trees

--Bamboo releases more Oxygen into the air than many other trees

--It matures in 7 years and can be replanted as fast (compare that to 30+ years for other trees)

--As fabric, it naturally draws moisture away from the skin, and dries more quickly than cotton alternatives

The Bad:

--The process of converting bamboo into fabric can take a big toll on the environment, because it employs chemical-laden ingredients, including a multi-phase process using bleach

--Manufacturers can still coat the final product with toxic chemicals, even if the label says "Organic". 

--Due to the massive global demand, there are many cases of deforestation due to the need for more product.

I think bamboo is a perfect example of why the eco-issue isn't always black and white. For the individual, it can sometimes be complicated (to say the least) to find what the best solution is for your specific situation. Yes, finding alternatives to the limited, non-renewable resources is a good thing. But if the bamboo industry isn't regulated with the same vigor as the other industries, it only creates more problems.

I don't know about you, but it is really overwhelming to try to sort through the should and should nots out there in the marketplace. Thus, I try to put the focus on my alternative consumer habits and not just alternative consumer products

Some helpful links in case you want to learn more about Bamboo:

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Japanese Style Lights Up the Sky

wedding decor paper lanterns
For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced the tradition of releasing flying lanterns into the sky as a way of communicating their wishes to heaven. First you write on the paper lantern, watch as it ascends into the night sky, and wait for your wish to come true.

Cork Flooring and David Salle's Brooklyn Home

  real cork floors

 “It’s a one-of-a-kind property,” says realtor Patty LaRocco in a recent New York Times article featuring the 10,560 sq ft. Brooklyn home of artist David Salle. The home has some interesting features--an outdoor rooftop shower, reclaimed materials, and cork floor tiling. The Quercus cuber (the Cork Oak) is an incredible species of tree, giving us such a wonderful material and an excellent example of sustainability in action. The Montado region of Portugal is home to 80% of the world's cork production, and has more Cork Oaks than anywhere else on Earth. Portugal has a history of carefully managing their cork supply with sustainable farming practices, and the Cork ReHarvest program is a leader in redirecting used cork toward recycling programs. A lot of people are putting cork in their homes, are you? When it comes to floor tiles, have you ever considered cork tiling?

Photo: RealCorkFloors

Visit: RealCorkFloors.com

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