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Just the Filofax, Ma'am

Goodwithstyle.com Filofax

 I have a dream that one day I will send people I care about nice notes in the mail, I will always send thank you notes, and I will never forget to send people warm birthday wishes. If all goes according to plan, that day will be here soon. Before you start sending me links to the perfect apps for this, let me first tell you that I was, am, and will always be a person who likes to write things down. Yes, even now in this ever-growing digi-topia, I cling to my pen and paper. I've always been this way, especially now with my baby-addled brain. I currently have four agendas, two are filofax, two are kate spade. Since I can't ever decide which one to use, I decided to use each one a specific part of my life. (1. addresses//contacts//birthdays, 2. calendar//to do lists//story ideas, 3. writing//design projects, and 3. family//kids//nyc to dos.) Clearly, I'm long on agendas--so please, stop me if I try to buy another one. I think I might have a problem.

My agendaitis isn't new. I've been filofaxing for a very long time. My first time was in college and I still have my 1995 NYC Transit Map to prove it. This map, which hasn't been current since 212 was the only area code for Manhattan and the Twin Towers still had their place of prominence in the New York City skyline, is still in my agenda. It's my little piece of the past--of my past. You see, the digital age doesn't leave enough room for the sentimental, at least the way I like it. For me, the physical agenda helps me stay connected to the content of my life. Not only the living part, but also the dreaming, recording, remembering, and sorting. It's me, on paper. It gives me just the right amount of organization so that I feel like I can make something happen today.

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