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Reese Witherspoon On The Cover Of Vogue

Lately, I've been deeply drawn to Saffron Yellow. In Feng Shui, Saffron is a "Yang" color, which makes it a very powerful force of energy in our lives. In fashion and home, I've found too much of Saffron, Orange, or Gold can be overwhelming. I once painted my apartment bright yellow because I thought it would help me get over a bad break-up. It worked, but if you let the color go too Orange, it can become oppressive and stressful. I have first hand experience with this as well, but I won't tell you more to protect the innocent ;) As for wearing Saffron, I'll leave that to others, however, the May 2011 Vogue cover of Reese Witherspoon really illustrates how powerful Saffron is--she just jumps off the page, doesn't she? You can almost feel her energy and excitement, and knowing that she actually is at a point of new-beginnings and renewed energy, it's just all the more fitting, don't you think?

Have a beautiful day!

Organic Cotton's Dirty Little Secret


Unfortunately, at this stage, even the label won't necessarily tell you everything you should know about the item. A label may say "MADE WITH 100% Organic Cotton" vs. "100% Organic Cotton Clothing" which is a distinction nobody probably even pays attention to...Because I have experience writing copy for product and I think this difference makes a difference--for legal reasons, a company may want to be sure they say "contains" because then they can include whatever they want and still keep the Organic Label.

This is why the GOTS--Global Organic Textile Association--label is so important, it does regulate the environmental and ethical standards at every stage of the entire manufacturing process. I only know about GOTS because of my client, BOA Style. All of their Organic items have this label.

If you'd like to see all of the chemicals used after the Organic Cotton is grown, harvested, and turned into fiber then fabric, go straight to the source Textile Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers website. Here are a few links for more information and resources about Organic Cotton:

Organic Trade Association

Patagonia: About Organic Cotton

About Organic Cotton

Sustainable Cotton Project

Behind the Label (the very best, most comprehensive source for all things ethical business related.)

I'm also a adding few brands to my recommended list:



Winter Water Factory*

*I just purchased a few items from this store for my little girl and we love the organic cotton designs! I'll share photos and more next week.

Does all of this information make sense to you? Please let me know if you have any questions or information. Remember, I am learning too!





Valspar + Green Painting

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmlQhxwYhzo?rel=0]

Even if you aren't doing the actual painting yourself, you still should ask for No-VOC paint.

There are fantastic options available, read on for a few of my favorites:

Valspar Paint

Green Painting (a painting company)

Ecos Paints

Natura Paint by Benjamin Moore

GreenSure by Sherwin Williams


Environmentally Paint by The Real Milk Paint Co.

Yolo Eco-Friendly Paint

Also, read this round-up from Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest with an eco-paint review...it's from 2009, but still helpful.


Green Goes Simple By Procter & Gamble And The New Brooklyn Cookbook

google search and you shall find

Burrough Audubon Society Members Use Binoculars to Identify Migratory Shore Birds...02/1975

 I did a Google Search on myself yesterday looking for new press mentions of Eco Chic Home, and holy moly I hit the jackpot! An article I wrote for Procter & Gamble's eco-friendly, green-living blog Green Goes Simple was apparently picked-up by every local news station in the country--because I got about 2,000 results from the Google search. Too bad I can't get paid for the reprints, eh? You can see many of the new press links in the next column over. The other cool link where I found my eco-chic book mentioned is an article with eco-friendly, healthy food, gardening, green-living ideas and resources--Urban Farm Hub. In the piece, the writer, an eco-friendly expert, also mentions a book by two family friends--Melissa and Brendan Vaughan--The New Brooklyn Cookbook. Here's their promo video--maybe I need to make one too?:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7B5CSVuxUk?rel=0]

My stepmother went to school with Brendan's mom, and I've know Melissa since before they got married. She's a born and bred Brooklynite and a trained chef, so she knows her stuff, and Brendan is a Magazine Editor for Esquire. Incidentally, did you know that you can download a free sample project from my book? True. Okay, I must get back to work on an article I am on deadline for, have a great rest of the week if I don't make it back here tomorrow!



Mad Men And A Disposable Culture

What sap went through that little thread to make the cherry red!*



 {images Vanity Fair}

What do Color, Mad Men, Plastic and the Economy have in common with one another? Well, the History of Color correlates with our own history--just watch an episode of Mad Men to see clothing, textiles, paint, and a myriad of other everyday items in colors you don't see anymore. The colors we see today are different because the materials we use are different--man-made, to be precise. Also, the manufacturing process--mass--is different too. As for the Economy, the use of plastic for fabric and other items is a huge contributing factor in the growth of our hyper-consumer society. So there you go--Color, Mad Men, Plastic, and the Economy...I hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


by  Marianne Moore

you've seen a strawberry 

that's had a struggle; yet
was, where the fragments met,

a hedgehog or a star-
fish for the multitude
of seeds. What better food

than apple seeds - the fruit
within the fruit - locked in
like counter-curved twin

hazelnuts? Frost that kills
the little rubber-plant -
leaves of kok-sagyyz-stalks, can't

harm the roots; they still grow 
in frozen ground. Once where
there was a prickley-pear - 

leaf clinging to a barbed wire,
a root shot down to grow
in earth two feet below;

as carrots from mandrakes
or a ram's-horn root some-
times. Victory won't come

to me unless I go
to it; a grape tendril
ties a knot in knots till

knotted thirty times - so
the bound twig that's under-
gone and over-gone, can't stir.

The weak overcomes its
menace, the strong over-
comes itself. What is there

Touchwood iPhone Case + Genius Design

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_CDLBTJD4M?rel=0]

This is sublime. But I do hope that instrument was reassembled in a public space somewhere...rather than simply discarded. I saw something similar, but it was an iphone case rather tha an actual phone at the New York International Gift Fair in February. 


I hope you're having a great Saturday... XO Emily

A Little Sweet, A Little Spicy: Sexy Sustainability

Hello there...I made this for you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. XO Emily

A Little Sweet, A Little Spicy