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Christmas Morning is No Time to Look Frumpy

Keira knightly in atonementWhat do you usually wear Christmas morning? Do you just wake up and slink downstairs to open your presents, or do you get all dolled up because you want this year's photos of you to not look like death warmed over? Personally, I like to take the middle road--wash my face, put on some tinted moisturizer, a hint of lip gloss, hair brushed and up in a bun. Being a Yoga practitioner, I also opt for a comfortable yet flattering ensemble, which heretofore has included the ubiquitous-on-the-mom-circuit Lululemon black yoga pants. However, this year will be different.

organic cotton clothing As luck would have it, my newest client, Boa, gave me a few lovely samples of their collection to try, and I have quite literally been living in the tops and pants. They're so comfortable and quite flattering, in my opinion! And the perfect thing to hang out in on Christmas Day. Right now, I'm loving the LEELA (red pants in above photo) and the ROXANA pants, which are a modern twist on the traditional Moroccan harem-style. There are a few reasons why I've begun to favor these yoga-inspired pants, they're 100% Organic Cotton which really makes them so much more comfortable (breathable), and they also have pockets, of which I am a big fan. Plus, they're a whole lot more affordable than the other brands...$62.00...you really can't beat that.

Sending you lots of warm wishes today and all week!



P.S. Of course, if I lived in an English manor in the 1930's, I'd probably wear something like this green charmeuse gown as modelled by Keira Knightly in the movie Atonement. You can see my first post which featured this image--featuring the fab blog Milk and Honey Home--for more Christmas inspiration.