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Organic Home Textiles From Mod Green Pod + West Elm

mod green pod

I know that I may have mentioned this before, but I have a ton of vintage textiles left over from my mother's interior design store. I've been contemplating what I should do with them, it seems a shame to just let them sit there. I dare not make them into throw pillows--not with the little hands grabbing, splatting, and smudging around my house everyday. Sometimes I wrap gifts with a piece of the fabric. Do you ever wonder where to find great textiles that are also eco-friendly? Besides raiding the attic for vintage finds, there are quite a few (and growing) number of companies in the business of producing organic, healthy, eco-friendly, and fair trade fabric for you to wrap your home in, or as I like to say, to Design Your Environment. After all, when even West Elm and Pottery Barn are getting with the program, creating a healthier home couldn't be easier.

Here are a few smaller businesses I suggest you check out:

Mod Green Pod

Rubie Green *Pssst...Lonny Magazine's Michelle Adams founded this company in 2007

Raksha Bella Organic

Eden Fabrics

Aura Herbalwear

Purl Soho

Brentano Fabrics

Harmony Art

Cloud 9 Fabrics

 Tammachat Organic Textiles

Bird Textiles

Plover Organics




P.S. Also, take a look at page 88 of Eco-Beautiful Weddings magazine for the article I recently wrote that breaks down the do's and don'ts and the ins and outs of sustainable linens and fabrics.