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How to Handle 1 Million Digital Images

Jackie kennedy onassis boat with cameraSeriously, my digital image library is OUT OF CONTROL. I have a million (a rough estimate) photos from the past three years alone that I still need to edit, develop, and archive in some fashion.


Emily's Family Photos

I am, of course, referring to the endless stream of cute pictures I've been taking of my wee ones since the first one was born in 2007. Forget about all of the other images. I dread the day my daughter confronts me, hands on her hips, pre-teen angst piercing from her eyes, boring holes into my skin, and says "You never even made a baby book for me..." Gulp.


Will she care that I chose instead to walk with her through the Spring flowers in bloom. Will she remember that we picked pumpkins in the fall, or that we played on the floor for hours, building block towers, or sailing away in cardboard box "boats", or just giggling and rolling around until we got tired.

Emily'd Family Photos

Perhaps I'm overstating the case, maybe she won't even care about the photo albums or the scrapbooks. Of that I can not be sure. But what I am certain of is that I will care. I do not want to forget the little things--the way she says "all together" when talking about going anywhere as a family, or the way she says "here" in her little toddler accent, so it actually comes out as "heeyahh," or how much she loves horses, and firefighters, and lipstick, and her new Matchbox car "Rescue Center."

Emily's kids
And now that there are two instead of one, and he is growing up as fast as she is, I feel the imperative to get the memories secured in a tangible fashion.

A few practicalities:

*I'm using Shutterfly to develop prints--how do you develop your photos?

*I prefer matte with white border--what's your preference?

*I'm working my way backward from the first birthday (for my oldest)

*I plan to have one separate album/scrapbook for the birth, and one album for each year, for each child.

*I am not really into the whole scraptastic industry--the little prepackaged doo-dads, buttons, etc. It's just not my style. But I am willing to keep an open mind ;)

*I'll let you know when I've settled on what I will use as the books/journals. Right now I have a few Kolo albums, cloth covered. Simple and sturdy. But I do think I will need bigger ones at some point

*I may break out specific events and give them individual mini-scrapbooks...it all depend upon how much I love--or loathe-- scrapbooking...--do you like "scrapbooking"?

Here are a few resources:

Ali Edwards--the queen of scrapbooking, she makes it easy and accessible for anyone to get into it and take it to whatever level they want.(incidentally, she recommends the Everyday Life Photobook on Shutterfly)

Designer Digitals--Ali Edwards' go to resource for all things digital

JBS Mercantile--For some really cutsie wootsie scrapbook stuff

Scrapbooks Etc.--Brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens, all things scrapbook and photo archiving--free downloads and tutorials, recommendations etc.

Making Memories--Martha Stewart and Darcy Miller endorsed, there must be something to this site. Has things for purchase, layout and design ideas, and it's not-at-all-cheesy (imho).

*Jackie Kennedy photo found via Retro Adventures.



Milk + Honey Home Stalking


My husband and I love the look of a wooden farm table, just like this one (below) in Julie's house on Milk and Honey Home.


Milk and Honey Home blog
It would be perfect in the dining room of our new house (more on that later) since that's where we will eat all of our meals--it's a working kitchen, no room for a table. I honestly don't mind having one place for meals--so often the Dining Room is a seldom-used room and basically just wasted space. I've begun my research into where to find the right table, of course I would prefer a second-hand in-keeping with my sustainable philosophy. I might have to be patient until the right one comes along.

milk and honey home bathroom55-PM-520x389

I also love the bathroom in Julie's house--very "shabby chic". I'll admit I am a sucker for Rachel Ashwell. Even her stuff at Target is adorable. It is an unpretentious refinery, the likes of which you might find in an old English manor, like the one in the movie version of Atonement.

atonement keira knightly

I think what I respond to in Milk and Honey's design aesthetic is the organic nature of her home--none of it is contrived, it feels authentic and filled with things she loves rather than following some sort of trend or design edict. Such is with the manor in Atonement, where Keira Knightly's character lives and floats around like a ghost.

Anna French wallpaper

Don't you think this Anna French wallpaper (above) could very well have been in the home of Briony Tallis and her sister, Cecilia (portrayed by Keira Knightly)? Nothing in the home is new, everything has an element of value, not like the throwaway items we all populate our homes with today. Wallpaper went up and there it stayed until it became water-stained, peeling away from the wall as if to escape certain death. 

Farm Table Martha Stewart Weddings

Granted, it does takes extra effort to go beyond the easy as 1-2-3 furniture options you can find in catalogs and at the mall. I'm trying to avoid the "fast-food" approach to furnishing my home--McDonald's fries taste the same wherever you go, right? The same goes for certain furniture makers. When I'm more thoughtful (mindful) about what I bring into the my home, I tend to spend less, purchase less, and feel less guilt and anxiety. Keeping this in mind, I know my farm table is out there, and I'm going to make the effort to find it "off-the-beaten-path." Do you have any secret resources you think the world should discover?

(Take a look at this option I discovered online.)

 Image 1: Image by Patrick Van Robaey's via Alis 'le Cilga Cay Partisi

Image 2 & 3: Milk and Honey Home via La La Lovely Things

Image 4: Movie still, Atonement

Image 5:  Anna French

Image 6: Handmade farm table by Zephyr Tents for Martha Stewart Weddings.


This is part of a series entitled Eco Chic Home//Again which features content from my book, Eco Chic Home.