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don't have a green wedding

I am not a fan of the "green themed" wedding, as I think I've said before. For me, this is not about a theme...it's about a way of being. Saving resources, including your time and money, and enjoying the process is what it's all about.
Actually Eco-Chic Weddings is a little bit of a misnomer--because the way I define Eco-Chic doesn't necessarily have any connection to "Eco." At lease not in the traditional sense of the word. Eco-Chic Weddings  just seemed like the most expedient title at the time...plus, it's pretty catchy.  But what I really meant to say was "Sustainable Weddings." But at the time (2003), my editor didn't think anyone would "get" the word sustainable.


The idea is to have a wedding to match your lifestyle. We all need to be a bit more of a conscious consumer, and planning a wedding is a great way to start. The person I think about as my "inspiration" is my great-grandmother Sullivan, who was married on Sunday morning after Church in the parlour of her parent's home in Rock Island, Illinois. Following the ceremony, the guests retreated to the backyard for tea sandwiches and punch. Simple, sweet, and quite memorable.

I really don't want you to feel like this is just another layer to add to the already complicated matter of planning a wedding. It is the complete opposite. It is about taking a deep breathe and letting go of expectations, going with what feels natural. (the beautiful image above is from Brown Mouse Photography. Click here for more of their fantastic work.)

Still confused about what "sustainable" is? Click here for Sustainable Table, an excellent reference.