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Artist Aurora Robson Elevates Trash


Turning the idea of trash on its head, artist Aurora Robson shows the beauty and complexity in man-made material things. Depressing and inspiring at the same time, she also shows us an alternative to toxic landfills...

Find out how one community is fighting to improve their urban community by lobbying against landfills and other unhealthy initiatives.
Sustainable South Bronx.

Do some digging on your own to find local organizations you can support, either through volunteering or financial contribution. Remember--social causes aren't necessarily halfway around the globe, they just might be in your own backyard.

Faire Frou Frou Eco Friendly Lingerie

Good doesn't have to mean sacrifice...nor does it mean that you have to scour the web for fair trade, sustainable, or even eco-chic items...


eco friendly lingerie ooh la frou frou Sometimes good is easy...and fun. Did you know that (according to the knot) 20% of brides buy two dresses for their wedding day? Instead of spending green on two things you will never wear again, why not spend it on something pretty and silky--and that you will wear again and again. For example, the pretty little items here, all are from Faire Frou Frou; a local, mother daughter owned store in California (2 more reasons to feel good...)

A Party With Madonna, Martha And Malawi

I was reading Martha Stewart's Blog (The Martha Blog), and I saw these photos she took at Madonna's benefit for Malawi. The table top design was so simple, chic, and easy to do.
You could just opt for the little arrangements, which are small containers with about 4 roses a piece. You can choose locally grown roses (but should plan a summer wedding), or use organic flowers. Because you don't need that many flowers, you won't be spending an arm and a leg in the process. It would be simple for almost anyone to create these arrangements, so you can order your flowers from Organic Bouquet, or California Organic Flowers, or find a local farm, and hire someone to create the flower arrangements for you on the day of your wedding. You can also find pretty containers in a sustainable way-etsy is full of handmade goodness, Craig's List has tons of reusable stuff, and of course there's always Ebay.

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Mobiles For Your Wedding Decor

I truly enjoy the dramatic effect of a fabulous floral arrangement. Unfortunately, flower centerpieces and all that goes with them are the ultimate in wedding waste...wiring, oasis, disposable containers, and unhealthy--and unregulated by the FDA--pesticide residue on the flowers themselves; the result is basically a socio/eco-tragedy (in many cases, workers in countries that produce these flowers are not treated fairly, and often are exposed to unhealthy levels of pesticides in enclosed environments). But you can create drama and style with more than just flowers. For example, try these reusable mobiles from Design Public. Imagine them hanging above each of your table. Kind of fabulous, no?


By the way, you might like I find it encouraging that Sam's Club, the warehouse club division of Wal-Mart, has announced it is now offering Fair Trade Certified roses online--just in time for Valentine's Day.

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