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Paradise Of Birds + Eco-Chic Gift Ideas


Oh I am having a very frustrating afternoon. I think I messed up the formatting of my blog...so to make myself feel better I'll share this fun find with you--fat finch ...and like a bird I think that so much of my work has been lost, fluttered away with the simple flap of a wing. Sigh.

My favorite memories are of me sitting on my Grandmother's porch watching the birds with her. All of the birdhouses I ever gave her ended up inside her house because she didn't want them to get ruined. Silly Grandma. Silly me for messing up my blog...oh well, I think I fixed it...

Oh Joy! Reuse With Style


I wrote about sending invitations that can be saved in my book, and Oh Joy! has a perfect example of what I was talking about. She's so creative, and this is a really sweet idea for your invitations or save the date...send a little bird as your messenger, and your guests will save it as a chirpy, cheery reminder of you.