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The Tip Jar + Love Luggage Joint


I'll file this in the category of "could be" and "should be" eco-chic...these fabulous bags, from Love Luggage Joint (via The Tip Jar), come in leather and...PVC...Recycled PVC, or plastic, is  available from many different sources, and I would like to take this opportunity to suggest these guys look into it...pronto, because with price points like $145 and $30, these bags will be flying out the door, I tell you (and right into my hands...)

Jenny Ebert + Priti Organic Spa

My first guest blogger, Jenny Ebert, is a wonderful photographer, as well as  having a beautiful site. She was kind enough to share an excellent resource for all things priti...

{by Jenny Ebert}
I first met Kim D’Amato several years ago on an editorial assignment. Kim is the owner of Priti Organic Spa,in New York's East Village. The spa is a mirror image of Kim herself. Beautiful, warm, friendly and full of all things fabulous. The first thing that you notice upon entering are the delicious aromas. Lavender, sage, and a hint of lemongrass  & ginger, depending on the day. The nail salon smell is nowhere to be found. Everything in the spa from the nail polish to the locally designed Asian inspired furniture to the non-toxic earthy brown paint on the walls was chosen for its earth friendly qualities. Her electricity is wind powered, her slippers are biodegradable and even her website operators are solar powered! The salon is stocked full with amazing organic products from Buddha Nose, Pangaea, Stella McCartney and Kim’s new line of Priti organic nail polishes. The spa offers a great array of manicures, pedicures, facials and massages all using custom blended organic ingredients, fresh herbs and organic essential oils. To top it all off the spa offers at home service where one of the technicians can come to you!  Priti is located in NYC at 35 East First Street between First and Second Avenues. contact: 212.254.3628.

Dried Wheat + Branch Chandeliers


This photo is from an old issue of Bride's Magazine (I think...) It's a perfect example of eco-chic decor; the golden wheat, and the manzanita branches fashioned into a chandelier over the doorway. Both are easily available  locally. You might also try Dried Flowers Direct, which has hand tied wheat sheaves that would make nice centerpieces.