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Fabric Bunting Wedding Decor


Here's a colorful way to add a little style and whimsy to your wedding decor--this bunting comes in different fabrics and designs to suit your color pallette. You'll be able to reuse them again and again whenever you want to add a little festive flair.
Available at ZigZagBunting.com.

Eco Friendly Honeymoon With Go Differently

At_the_temple_gatesThinking of going to an exotic locale for your honeymoon? Before you make your plans to visit the far reaches of the world, check out Go Differently. They have tailor-made ethical holidays that are based on the appreciation and respect of the local people and countries they visit. Your honeymoon will truly be unforgettable because you'll help to preserve the natural environment and benefit the local communities. And what better way to spread the love?

Eco Chic Weddings: "Required Reading" By New York Magazine

"Making your wedding environmentally responsible need not mean sacrificing style. These days, everyone from your local bakery to Vera Wang herself are offering environmentally friendly options for the bride. Author Emily Elizabeth Anderson has done all the research for you: In her new book Eco-Chic Weddings, the author examines all the elements—from the diamond in your engagement ring to the materials used in your dress and invitations, to the flowers, food, glassware, and décor—and offers subtle ways to reduce your wedding’s impact on the environment, so you can pick and choose the suggestions that make the most sense for you."

By Sara Cardace
Summer 2007

Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes for Cruelty Free Wedding Style

Beyond Skin creates beautiful, handmade shoes that are vintage-inspired and available in a color palette ranging from ivory, gold, pink, pistachio, champagne, and oyster. Available online at Beyond Skin, they're so stylish and comfortable, you won't need to kick off your shoes on the dance floor! Beyond Skin also has a bespoke shoe service which makes it easy to chose your own style and fabric for truly one of a kind shoes.

Light Green With John Mayer

John Mayer recently posted this on his blog, and I couldn't have said it better. Here's the edited version, go to his site for the full monty:

It seems to me that when it comes to this issue [global warming], we've been given only two sides to pick from: side one says the future of global warming does not present a doomsday scenario, almost chuckling the matter aside. Side two says it is a dire issue (which it is), and then goes on to inundate side one with so many separate nakedly-scientific points that they make naivete' seem cozy by comparison.

So here I am, introducing a third side. A laid-back, panic free approach to environmentalism. One that believes the message of "An Inconvenient Truth" is sound, but that it's an incredibly un-fun name for a movie. A side free from the cry of hypocrisy, for it doesn't make sweeping promises. A side that drives an SUV on the way to the grocery store but then produces nylon mesh bags at the checkout line.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fans and Friends, I submit to you a third way: Light Green....."


How To Buy The Healthiest Salmon

Coho_salmonSalmon may be an easy choice for your wedding menu, but it's not so easy on the environment. Most supermarkets and restaurants serve farmed salmon, which is associated with water pollution, chemical use, parasites and diseases that further deplete the endangered wild Atlantic Salmon. Make a better choice by going to  Oceans Alive for the most comprehensive information about the eco-best, and the eco-worst, seafood.

Update: Find out more about picking the right Salmon source on HuffPost.

Soy Candles By Claudine

Light your guests fire with these soy candle tins from Candles by Claudine. Soy candles are ethically produced, do not use animal by products, and burn clean.  And, for less than $6 a piece, they make the perfect eco-chic gift for your guests.

Better Blooms


Sweet smelling, pesticide free flowers are a healthier, more eco-friendly way to add color and beauty to your wedding. Order organic, sustainably grown flowers in bulk from California Organic Flowers.

Where To Find Antique Engagement Rings

vintage engagement rings

Bring on the bling with this beauty from Gray's Antiques. The delicate flower design is an example of the lovely Edwardian style. If I didn't already have one, this unique gem would be the perfect engagement ring. By practicing the cradle-to-cradle philosophy you'll be restoring a beautiful antique to it's proper place in the world--on the hand of a beautiful blushing bride.